In addition to the new NES Castlevania maps I’ve made available for pre-order (available in both color and black & white versions) and a reprint of the popular NES Hyrule Overworld map, I’ve just finished the NES Hyrule Underworld map

This map documents the layout of all nine dungeons as encountered in the First Quest of the original NES Legend of Zelda game - every enemy, item and boss is here, along with some easter eggs from the prequel Zelda games (pretty much EVERY non-CDi Zelda game since 1988) half-buried in the dirt between the dungeons!

You can pre-order a 2x3-foot print of the Underworld map here.

(The old Hyrule Overworld map & new Castlevania maps are being printed/re-printed in one big print run in late April - just in time for these maps to be available at the Stumptown Comics Fest - and I’ll begin shipping orders out to everybody in the first week of May.)

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